Monday, October 06, 2008

Leg o' venison

John came home today with this lovely leg of venison, shot this morning near Saskatoon by our friend Mark. I love wild meat, and I love it when our hunting friends decide to share with us. Just last week, Jeff showed up with a box of venison, elk and moose, including bratwurst and pepperoni sticks. (I made elk bourguignon.) What exactly becomes of this leg o' venison will be the subject of future posts.

(A few days later...) John made this fabulous venison stew with all the little tidbits left over after cutting up the leg. He sautéed them in bacon fat. Added carrots, cooked potatoes and frozen peas, with enough water to simmer everything. I added some chanterelle mushrooms (which had been sautéed in butter and frozen), crumbled sage, fresh thyme and fresh oregano. We also added some of that lovely jelly left in the pot after cooking a ham. Seasoned it with salt and pepper. Yummy...

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