Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Saskatchewan Borscht in a Jar

Ever make a soup so good you could bottle and sell it? Elsie Rollie did. Her friend Neil convinced her to go into business and last year, the Yesteryear's Ukrainian Borscht Corp. was born on River Street in Moose Jaw. Elsie says this version is even better than her mom's because it's fat free.

I dropped into her bistro store yesterday -- the very day she launched a new bean and bacon soup she called BAMM because it packs a little more heat than the borscht. (Apparently, Emeril has trademarked BAAM so she used this creative spelling!) John and I opened the jar of BAMM for supper tonight and it was great. By the way, Elsie's bistro is not a restaurant, but she's happy to serve up sample bowls of her soups -- complete with sour cream, of course.

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Nice write up, though the actual link to their web site is