Monday, September 08, 2008

Terra Firma dinner highlights

Jenni Willems served a fabulous Sask-Italian dinner at her restaurant, New Ground Cafe, in Birch Hills to celebrate her selection to attend the Slow Food "Terra Firma" congress in Turin this fall.
Here's Jenni serving appetizers al fresco

Blue potato salad

Palate cleanser - crab apple popsicle

Northern pike and new potato torta with green tomato aioli

Bison ragu with polenta

Yummy chocolate dessert (too busy eating to take a picture!)


ULC Writing Help said...

I will definitely visit Jenni's cafe. May I take this opportunity to tell you about a friend's cafe in Wishart (the Wishart Cafe), Saskatchewan (near Wynyard). Tara Malinowski makes amazing pies and crumbles, sandwiches, borscht, and the list goes on. The fresh ingredients are from her large organic garden in town, or from the Ukrainian butcher across the street from the cafe. It's well worth a visit off the beaten path....

Amy Jo said...

Thanks! Does anyone else know of a rural gem of a restuarant that proudly serves local food? Let's start a list.