Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Upcoming food event in Regina - I'll be there!

You are Invited to a Discussion and Potluck on Local Food and Community Supported Agriculture

When: Saturday March 15th at 5:30pm
Where: The Cathedral Neighbourhood Centre, 2900 - 13th Ave., Regina
Cost: Free!

Come out and learn more about Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and local food in Saskatchewan. Meet Keith Neu, an organic farmer, who last year started a Community Supported Agriculture project in Saskatchewan together with 36 families. In 2008, Keith is planning on delivering food for about60 families in Saskatchewan! One of them could be YOU! The time has come to sign up for 2008. Do not miss this opportunity to get Organic Saskatchewangrown vegetables, eggs and meat delivered to your neighbourhood.

Amy Jo Ehman, the keynote speaker for this event, is a Saskatchewan freelance journalist with a great interest in local food, she is a columnist on CBC's Blue Sky, her articles regularly appear in Saskatchewan newsletters and magazines and she runs a website called: Home For Dinner: A culinary journey dedicated to fresh local food from the province of Saskatchewan.

A discussion panel with Kim Sakundiak (Lincoln Gardens), Mark Lane (Farmgate Food) and others will be held to ensure that you get your questions answered regarding local food and CSAs! Everyone is welcome to attend! Bring a dish to share, your own plate and your own cutlery. Please note that the potluck is optional and that you are welcome to come by anytime during the evening. For more information


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy, The event sounds interesting but I live in Saskatoon and Regina is too far to be a source of food. Is there anyone closer to Saskatoon promoting the CSA idea. Linda

Amy Jo Ehman said...

The CSA farmer, Keith Neu, delivers to both Saskatoon and Regina. His website is

Farmgate Food said...

Hi Amy Jo,

Great talk on Saturday. Local food has so many advantages. Loved the story about your first local pork chop.

Your readers may be interested to know our name is "Farmgate Food" not "Farmgate Co-op". In fact we are a producer marketing association but we act like a co-op.

Your readers may be interested in finding local organic food in Regina. We would appreciate if you can put us on your directory. Our address is

Yours for a greener tomorrow.

Mark Lane
Farmgate Food