Thursday, February 28, 2008

Farmer-Chef Connection event Feb 24/25

Some 70 chefs, food producers and food procureres gathered for a day of networking and brainstorming in Saskatoon, an event sponsored by Tourism Saskatchewan, with the goal of getting more Saskatchewan food into local restaurants. A similar event will be held in Regina on June 23, 2008. The guest speaker, John Bishop, talked about serving local food at his restaurant in Vancouver. He was also the guest of honour at a local food dinner at Calories in Saskatoon. Here are some pictures from those events:
Chef Ryan of the Bessborough Hotel with a buffet lunch of local foods. His menu is below.

Swiss onion soup; Blue potato salad
Red fife bread
Oven roasted chicken with chanterelle mushroom ragout
Beef sausage and peppers with wasbi lime mustard
Roast fingerling potatoes in garlic pesto
Saskatoon berry pie; gelato with wild rose petal sauce

One of the local food producers, Brother Pius of St. Peter's Abbey,
enjoys lunch.

Chef Peter Phillips of the Riverside Country Club discusses food products with farmers Anita and Marc Loiselle. Note the basket of their red fife wheat bread.

Vancouver chef John Bishop with Calories proprietors Janis and Remi Cousyn.

A scrumptous dessert at Calories made with Saskatchewan berries.


Anonymous said...

HI Amy Jo,

I really like your blog site! It has great information, practical and relevent.

I heard that you are soon to be releasing a book - is it out yet and I just missed its launch?

I am doing grad studies currently and will be doing my thesis focusing on the role of folks, particularly those involved with organic agricutlure, in the Craik - Davidson area with interest in re-defining a local food culture.

The idea of localization is certainly growing and I can see by events such as the one bringing chefs and farmers together, we are onto something big here!

-Yvonne in Saskatoon

Amy Jo Ehman said...

Yes... my book. It is progressing but as yet, no publishing date. Did you know that Craik is my hometown? Good luck in your research there...