Saturday, January 12, 2008

And on and on and on and...

We finally gobbled down the last of the Christmas turkey! My husband was heard to declare: "The original dinner was good, but I like what came after it even better." This included:

- turkey pie (2)
- turkey curry soup
- turkey and gravy on biscuits
- turkey salad sandwiches
- cold drumsticks

Here's a tip: before cooking the turkey, I gave it a soak in salt brine. Later, when I boiled the bones to make soup, all the lovely flavours of the brine seeped into the broth. It was so flavourful. I had stuffed the turkey with carrots and onions, which also went into the stock pot. (Bones and veggies were strained out before making soup with the broth.) I used the brine recipe supplied online by Martha Stewart, minus the bottle of wine.

If you'd like a lovely Saskatchewan free-range turkey for your next Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, contact Pine View Farms near Osler. They sell turkeys just twice a year and they always sell out. Reservations recommended!

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