Monday, October 01, 2007

A Saskatchewan Turkey

Here's a funny story from our friend Art: A few years ago, he raised some turkeys on his farm near Regina. As Thanksgiving approached, he loaded his gobblers under the cap of his pickup truck for the drive to the butcher. Wouldn't you know it, his truck got a flat tire. He got a ride with a passerby who looked at the turkeys peering through the window of the truck and commented, "Isn't that nice, you're taking your turkeys for a drive!"

People ask me - Where can I get a Saskatchewan turkey for Thanksgiving? Saskatchewan farmers produce just under one million turkeys that are packaged under the brand names of Lilydale and Granny's. These companies sell turkeys from across the western provinces, so there's no way of knowing exactly which bird is from Saskatchewan. However, you're assured of getting a bird that might be from here.

If you want to be absolutely sure it's a local turkey, get your bird from Pine View Farms at Osler which raises and slaughters its turkeys right on the farm. These turkeys all come from a provincially inspected facility, so there is an assurance of safety and quality. (Provincial inspection is required to sell in grocery stores.)

Aside from these "big guys" in the turkey business, you could also buy a turkey from a local farmer who is raising and selling his own gobblers. I suggest you ask at a local farmers market to track down a turkey farmer near you. Make this a Saskatchewan Thanksgiving!

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