Saturday, September 08, 2007

Kashmir Valley in Saskatchewan

Masoor dal, desi masoor and kabuli channa don’t sound like Saskatchewan foods. Unless you know them by their western names – red ‘football’ lentils, whole red lentils and chickpeas – of which Saskatchewan is one of world’s leading producers.

There’s a new product line under the label Kashmir Valley, produced and packaged near the town of Elbow, on Lake Diefenbaker. The company is owned by Melody and Lionel Ector, who have been selling their product in bulk for ten years. They have just launched this new consumer-friendly packaging for grocery stores.

“A lot of our customers were buying in bulk and repackaging for their stores, and we got many requests to package it ourselves. So, we finally took the plunge and bought the packaging equipment,” says Melody.

She says the name, Kashmir Valley, was tested among consumers, many of whom come from cultures were these foods are eaten on a daily basis. There’s a picture of the fabled Kashmir Valley, which lies in northern India and Pakistan, on the package.

For now, eastern grocery stores are their target market, but Melody says they’d like to get this new product into mainstream groceries closer to home. I bought my supply at the grocery in Elbow. Learn more at their website at

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Rebeca said...

I really enjoyed your comments on the CBC books show yesterday. I will definitely seek out that Beans book and the one about preserving.