Saturday, July 07, 2007

Sausage Fest Success

There was a great selection of sausage at the 3rd annual Sausage Fest in our back yard last night. We told everyone to bring a) sausage made in Saskatchewan or b) a dish for the buffet table. We provided the beer.

There was no shortage of sausage, food or beer. Local sausages included: Ralph and Lisa’s homemade chorizo; Art and Veronica’s homemade curry sausage; Ramesh and Karen’s homemade Lebanese sausage; Remi’s homemade ‘merguez’ (a spicy sausage from southern France); Rick and Sue’s venison pepperoni; a thick bison sausage; and many more sausages from local stores and butchers. All were graced with Penny’s homemade mustard, the best mustard in the world.

Adrien brought the most gorgeous fruit pavlova for dessert. Three-year-old Jonah, entranced with his first taste of pavolva, declared it to be “as good as jello.” Yea for kids who tell it like it is!

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Trent said...


I have a question about regional sausages or hot dogs...

My sister in law is from Regina and she has always raved about a particular hot dog that is local to the region. We bought one from a cart on regina and she said they were always available for fund raising. D o you know the name of this brand and how I can buy some?