Monday, January 29, 2007

I am not a TV chef

To be or not to be a chef? My TV cooking debut was today on CBC TV. The host referred to me as a chef. This is quite embarassing. I have never trained as a chef or worked as a chef, and the only kitchen I manage (and badly at that) is my own. However, I am passionate about Saskatchewan food and if I can make great homecooked meals with local foods, then anyone can. The producer of the show says, in her books, that makes me a chef. But I know too many wonderful chefs to put such a respected label on myself. I'm not even a wanna-be chef. It's too much work!

You can view it at the following link (episodes 11-15):

The program ran for five days and each day we cook a different course of an all-Saskatchewan meal. I was asked to give the recipes silly Saskatchewan names, but you'll find them under their original names at the following posts on this blog:

Monday - Jumping Mustard Chutney - 23 Sept 2005
Tuesday - Temperance Street Pear Soup - 21 October 2005
Wednesday - Wild West Salad - 20 November 2006
Thursday - Salt of the Earth Trout - 1 October 2006
Friday - Prairie Berry Pie - 9 August 2006


Jasmine said...

Hi Amy Jo

Magda sent me the link to your site--v nice.

How did the TV gig go?


Eddie Lin said...

Can we see the shows online?

Amy Jo Ehman said...

My first TV cooking gig went quite well -- I think. I was unable to watch it every day. (I'm hoping to get a copy of it on DVD.) Sorry Eddie, you can't watch it online. However, I will mention that to the producer and let you know if she would consider posting it on the CBC website.

AMG said...

There appear to be some archived full episodes on the CBC website
See episodes 11-15.