Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Who's afraid of the cantaloupe recall?

So there I was, eating cantaloupe, when I heard the news that some cantaloupe had been recalled because it was contaminated with salmonella.

Did I panic and spit? No way, because I was eating cantaloupe from the Saskatoon Farmers’ Market. Now, there is no guarantee that locally grown cantaloupe CAN’T become poisoned with salmonella, but it’s much less likely. Food poisoning is often a factor of mass-produced, factory-processed and impersonal food systems. And when food produced on that scale is contaminated, it affects a lot more people over a much wider area in one fell swoop. So the moral of this story is: local is best.


cjv said...

which vendor is selling cantaloupe, especially in November?

I am spending the fall in Edmonton and am enjoying the Strathcona farmers' market, but miss Saskatoon,

Amy Jo Ehman said...

The truth is, I didn't buy this cantaloupe in November. I found it in the back of my fridge, a half melon with over-ripe edges and soft spots on the rind. But I cleaned it up and it was quite delicious!