Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Blueberries gone wild

I went to La Ronge to pick mushrooms. To be exact, chanterelle mushrooms. I went to the same spot in the forest where I picked chanterelles last year and wouldn't you know it -- nothing. Not a single one. Picked clean. (There were lots of mushrooms but none I could be sure woundn't kill me, despite the excellent mushroom picture book I had with me.)

However, all was not lost because I found a forest full of blueberries. I sat down on the green moss and picked to my heart's content. When I got home to Saskatoon (after a four hour drive and a flat tire), JB did not share my mushroom disappointment because he loves blueberries way more.

I have no recipe for fresh wild blueberries because they are just terrific on their own. As my neighbour Andrea said: "They're so good I didn't want to spoil them with ice cream!"

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