Saturday, July 09, 2005


Saskatchewan Menu of the Week -- 4 July 2005

Breakfast – Yogurt.
Lunch – Open-face grilled cheese and tomato.
Dinner – Wisconsin-style bratwurst. Buns. Potato salad. Apple pie.

My husband grew up in Wisconsin where there is a strong German heritage and bratwurst is cooked in a particular style. Once, several years ago, a friend told him his brats were better than lobster! He’s been living on that compliment ever since. We buy the bratwurst at Emco Meats, where the German butcher makes them authenticly.

First, buy a good quality brat that doesn’t have too much fat. Boil the sausages in a pot of beer and sliced onions. Grill the boiled bratwurst on the BBQ. While they’re grilling, scoop out the onions and brown them in butter. Enjoy the bratwurst in a bun with onions and mustard.

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