Friday, May 20, 2005


Saskatchewan Menu of the Week - May 14.

Breakfast -- Yogurt with frozen raspberries (thawed).
Lunch -- Bread with tomatoes, smoked pork and mustard.
Dinner -- Spinach salad. Mint juleps.

Mint Julep
The mint is just starting to poke up in the garden. This is a refreshing, not too boozy drink that makes the most of fresh mint.

cold water
sprigs of mint
lots of crushed ice

Note: the ice should be very fine, like grainy snow.

Place a heaping tsp of sugar in a tall glass. Barely cover with cold water. Crush a generous sprig of mint in your hands and add to the glass. Top with crushed ice, filling the glass, sprinkling in more sugar as you go. Pour in bourbon to your taste. Top with another sprig of mint. Serve with a spoon so you can stir your drink in the hot sun, the ice melting to diffuse with the mint and bourbon. Don't even dream of serving this drink on a cool day.

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