Sunday, March 20, 2005

Signs of Spring

The first day of spring came and went in a snowstorm. My garden is covered in two feet of snow, and on the radio "Highway Travel is Not Advised." It’s the kind of day to stay inside, if at all possible, curled up with a book – preferably a cookbook with pictures of green Italian hillsides.

Last fall, I picked a bucket of sour plums in the Katz' back yard. My husband was building their garage (he helped to build their house the summer before) and Dick invited us to pick his plums. I cut out the pits and boiled them without sugar, and packed the soft fruit into jars.

Dick is from Brooklyn. He saw Jackie Robinson play at Ebbets Field. He came to Saskatoon to teach and here he met his wife, Verna, a M├ętis woman who grew up in a cabin up north. She’s a teacher, too. The day we raised their garage (it’s an old-fashioned timber frame), two dozen people were on hand to help, and when it was done we ate moose stew and drank cold beer in the twilight.

So today, the first day of spring, I thought of those plums. I made a meal of spring rolls and plum sauce, chock full of Saskatchewan carrots and cabbage. The recipe also called for mustard seeds, which grow on my family farm. It was a local meal born in China.

This spring, I will begin an food adventure I call "Home for Dinner" - focussing my attention on healthy, seasonal food straight from the farmers of Saskatchewan. Officially, I’ve decided to begin this food adventure on the first day I eat something green from my garden. At the moment, that day seems a long way off...


Paul McDonald said...

Hey, I LOVE spring rolls! A lot of the Tai places around here like to put shrimp in them (which is nothing but good) but I prefer all veggie for spring rolls. Lots of cilantro, and a good sweet sauce!

Love your site!

Amy Jo Ehman said...

Thanks, Paul. Shrimp are definately NOT on a Saskatchewan menu, but I might try them with chicken or pork next time. Cilantro is a good idea. It grows very well here in the summer. I'll try it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Aim! Cool blog and a great Idea!! I love it! When mom mentioned that you had a blog about SK food, well I got to thinking that you could have a link to my website, which is about the people that make the SK food! Do you think it would be possible??
Anyway, I'll give you a call when I get home. Hmmm, I'm getting hungry!! Bye.

Amy Jo said...

Sure thing! Here's a link to a CD written and performed by a Saskatchewan farmer (my brother, Tom) all about farming and producing food. It's called "Like Father, Like Son."