Friday, January 25, 2013

Resturant Review - Las Palapas Resort Grill

The sky is grey, the snow is blowing and several highways are closed. If I could say “Beam me up, Scotty” I’d be in a tropical paradise... with a margarita in hand. Or, I could visit the most tropical dining destination in Saskatoon. Read my newspaper review of Las Palapas.

Beach drinks at Las Palapas.

Fiery shrimp adobo and, in the background, sweeter coconut shrimp.
Guacamole on the patio.

Warm colours at Las Palapas.
910 Victoria Avenue


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Eating Myself out of House 'n' Home

New Year's Resolution: to eat all the canned, frozen, preserved, dried and otherwise amassed Saskatchewan foods in my larder.

Last year, I asked a spice farmer if he would sell me some cumin. Yes, Saskatchewan grown cumin. He offered to mail some to me. Imagine my surprise to receive a package containing several pounds of cumin seeds. I'll have a hard time using it up one teaspoon at a time, but here goes...

From my local larder: dried chickpeas, frozen tomatoes and cumin.

Cooking the chickpeas in a slow cooker.

Chole Palak - a dish of chickpeas and spinach flavoured with cumin. Get the recipe here.

Sorry, I can't divuge the farmer's name, as he doesn't usually direct sell to the public. However, if you'd like to cook with Saskatchewan grown cumin, I'd be pleased to share some with you. (This offer expires when the cumin is gone!)

Monday, January 14, 2013

Restaurant Review - Saskatoon Station Place

My niece, Emily, has never been on a train. So, she loves to visit the Station Place to eat in a vintage dining car from the great age of rail travel. Read my review of Station Place in the Star Phoenix.

Emily enjoys the beef dip with fries in the Pullman dining car.

Delicious dry ribs.

Chicken frajolaki - a local specialty - with a Greek village salad.

Another picture of Emily in the Pullman lounge car,
just cause she's so cute!

The Pullman car serves the lounge at the Station Place, which sits across the street from the former train station, opened in 1908.

221 Idlywyld Drive

Monday, January 07, 2013

Restaurant Review - Jake's on 21st

I don't work in an office, so it's a treat to have lunch amongst the downtown office crowd. Especially at Jake's on 21st, where the hubbub is cheerful and the food is fun. Read my review of Jake's in the Star Phoenix.

Teriyaki chicken salad and a wonderful bowl of vegetable soup.

Mediterranean three cheese wrap - warm and gooey.

A sunny window seat at Jake's.

307 21st Street E. in Saskatoon